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The Indigestion of the Vampire October 29, 2004

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Look at this red pear

Hanging from a good family

Where the butcher hung the rag on the tree.

The bat’s bloated again,

Hooked on his dark nimbus

Getting over it.

Here is the cure of pity

Upside down.

Elsewhere the laundry

Is buried,

The deer tracks left by his teeth

Look for the cross-roads,

The veins that are still good

Hold out their hands.

Here’s his story.

His bridges are not burned only folded.

In a while the swollen life

He calls his own

Will shrink back till it fits the mirrors,

No worse for no wear;

The eyes will come

To conceal movement again;

He will find his voice to fly by.

That’s how he does it: rock-a-bye,

Hanging there with his silence all wool

And others at heart,

Two pounds in his pound bag,

Shaped like a tear but

Not falling for anyone.

–W.S. Merwin

There’s a whole page of bat poetry here, everything from Roethke and Dickinson and Tennyson and Plath to poems sent in by grade school kids. Link found via Choriamb, a kick-ass poetry blog that I shall be linking to forthwith.


One Response to “The Indigestion of the Vampire”

  1. nic Says:

    I really like the bat poem. I have had a snippet of it as my blog bio for years now. that is all. 🙂

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