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We interrupt this hiatus to bring you fangrrl shrieking March 23, 2005

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And they’ve got Imelda Stauton as Mrs. Sucksby! OMIGOD!!

And the chick who played Zena in the Tipping the Velvet miniseries as Sue Trinder!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!1!!!!11!

(why no, I have no shame, thank you for noticing)

So, anyway, lots of shit has gone down, they didn’t want to let me graduate until I added another English course last minute (fucked over by electives! the bastards!), I switched my senior thesis topic last minute as well (I’m now talking about Victorian anxiety over feminine gender roles in Trollope’s The Eustace Diamonds, very fun. Really!), still haven’t found a job in Chicago, but I might have found an internship in the First Circle of Hell ::cough:: I mean Washington D.C., Promethea Book IV pissed me off (Attack of the Evil Dead Lesbian! I shit you not. Alan Moore’s a fucktard) and I got properly drunk for the first time last weekend and behaved in a very debauched manner with a cute Asian butch in a gay club in Nearby Somewhat Larger Town.

But the BBC adapted Fingersmith, the only book that rivals Tipping the Velvet in my affections, so I can die a happy, happy woman.

back to your regularly scheduled hiatus