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About June 2, 2007

Me: Just your average dyke pagan feminist bodyworker. Does yoga and Qi Gong while listening to Madonna, likes two-hundred year old novels. Speaks useless languages, like French. The changeling daughter of her midwestern Catholic family.

Elrond: Long-haired, septum-pierced male roommate who grew up on a pagan commune and owns lots of Buddhas, for someone who isn’t Buddhist.

Aphra: The Girlfriend. But she has her own blog, waaaay over in the UK.


One Response to “About”

  1. dawn Says:

    hey there andygrrrl, i know you’re not blogging anymore but i don’t know if you’re still online much or reading blogs. i basically just wanted to invite you to come check out my new lesbian sex blog, swell. i want all the dykes on earth to read this blog, participate in the polls i post, and leave comments about their own sexual interests and experiences. i want this to be the ultimate source of information and sharing about real lesbian sex. yay!

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