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Further postcards from Hippietown June 26, 2007

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  • “Yams have a higher vibrational frequency than potatoes.” I’m entirely¬†not sure what that means, but my roommate Elrond assures me that’s why he’d rather use yams when making raw vegan mashed potatoes.
  • Elrond also had his friends and family back home (in the South) drumming at a party in an effort to literally teleport him there. Something to do with South African drumming rhythms and the earth’s rotation…it didn’t work. But he could hear the drums and feel the heat of the fire. Apparently.
  • We’re friends with a chocolatier who makes raw vegan truffles (death by chocolate, dear readers, but oh what a happy way to go!); he has a daughter, Lyra. She’s the only three year old I know who would rather eat dulce than candy, and who has a t-shirt of the Hindu elephant god Ganesha.
  • She also has dreams about aliens. Her parents believe this means she astral-travels when she sleeps.
  • People don’t go on diets here, they do “Master Cleanses” and drink apple juice for three weeks.
  • I think I officially qualify as HippieFreak because I’ve done an authentic¬†sweatlodge. There’s a guy in town who has it all set up in his backyard, and it’s invitation-only; “you have to be a friend of a friend” kind of situation. He could make a fortune if he was willing to sell his culture to tourists. It was intense. I don’t recommend doing one “just for the hell of it”, because you won’t be able to handle the effects.
  • Of course, every day feels like a fucking sweat lodge now. I wish we had a swamp cooler (like air conditioning, but environmentally friendly. Something to do with blowing air over water to cool it off).