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The Sunday Smooch August 19, 2007

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I feel like I need some poetry this week. A little Elsa Gidlow:

For the Goddess Too Well Known

I have robbed the garrulous streets,
Thieved a fair girl from their blight,
I have stolen her for a sacrifice
That I shall make to this night.

I have brought her, laughing,
To my quietly dreaming garden.
For what will be done there
I ask no man pardon.

I brush the rouge from her cheeks,
Clean the black kohl from the rims
Of her eyes; loose her hair;
Uncover the glimmering, shy limbs.

I break wild roses, scatter them over her.
The thorns between us sting like love’s pain.
Her flesh, bitter and salt to my tongue,
I taste with endless kisses and taste again.

At dawn I leave her
Asleep in my wakening garden.
(For what was done there
I ask no man pardon.)


The Sunday Smooch: Lazy Blogger Edition August 5, 2007

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I swear, some day I’ll blog something other than the Sunday Smooch, but that day is not today.

This week, as promised, I’m writing an open letter to Kate Winslet.

Dear Kate

 You’re awesome. You’re a gorgeous, wildly talented actress with an impressive body of work (I even liked Titanic. Everybody thinks that movie was all Leo DiCaprio, but that’s so not true. It was the evolution of your character Rose that made the movie attractive. Leo was just some heterosexual wish-fullfillment.) Shoot, I even willingly endured Jane Campion’s weird crush on Harvey Keitel, yet again, for you in Holy Smoke. Which, as a movie, kinda blew, but you were cool in it.

So, yeah, I’m a big fan, but I have just one tiny little request. The next time you do a movie where you kiss a girl, could you please not rip off some dumb cliche?

Like in Heavenly Creatures, a classic Evil Murdering Lesbian story. Starts off with some nice adolescent smooching:



But then you go and beat your girlfriend’s mother over the head with a brick. Not what I’d call a “date movie.” (The fact that it’s a true story really only makes things worse).

But hey, you were pretty young in that movie, so I’ll cut you some slack. At least you don’t murder anyone in Holy Smoke:


Although you do have a nice make-out session….so you can rouse the attention and jealousy of Harvey Keitel. A) LAME — when did you turn into a sorority girl?, and B) EW. If you’re going to make out with a girl to get a guy’s attention, can’t it at least be someone like Johnny Depp?

Come on, Kate. You’re better than this. If there’s a movie out there with you girl-kissing without heinous consequences, I’ve yet to hear of it. But, there’s plenty of room for improvement.  How about doing a film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt? Or Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body (which is probably not filmable, but I’d see it anyway)? Everybody wants to “play gay” these days, it’s how you prove you’re a Serious, Edgy actor willing to tackle Challenging roles. So what have you got to lose? Call up Lena Headey. Maybe the two of you can collaborate.


The Sunday Smooch: Lena Headey lovin’ July 29, 2007

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Yeah, I’ve had a crush on Lena Headey for simply ages, ever since I saw Mrs. Dalloway.


She’s perfect as Sally Seton, the object of Clarissa’s muddled and confused affections, smoking cigarettes and full of newfangled ideas. She gets naked too (on the way to the bath, but hey)! The kiss is played perfectly, just the right balance of sweetness and poignancy.

The whole world might have turned upside down! The others disappeared; there she was alone with Sally.

And then Clarissa gets the bright idea to marry Richard Dalloway and spends the rest of her life wondering why she’s so bored.

I saw Headey next as Blanche Glover, Jennifer Ehle’s (swoon!) tragic lover in Possession.


I’m actually jealous that she gets to pretend to be Jennifer Ehle’s lover, even though there’s no kissing. This is about as lovey as it gets:


Jennifer Ehle’s character dumps her for self-involved poet Jeremy Northam (boo! hiss!), and Blanche pulls a Mary Wollstonecraft and drowns herself. As much as I hate the Tragic Lesbian stereotype, this was done pretty well. Although would it have killed them to have given us just an eensy smooch? I know A.S. Byatt would have had a conniption–she was so carefully coy about the nature of Blanche and Christabel’s relationship in the novel–but if they’re going to go all Hollywood on us anyway, cast Americans in the lead roles, why not a little kiss, huh?

So imagine how thrilled I was to hear that she was going to play Piper Perabo’s love interest in Imagine Me and You. There’s lots of kissing in this one:


The boy gets dumped in this one! And nobody dies! There’s romantic rainstorms and declarations in the street!


It’s a great date movie; don’t think about it too hard though, it’s a silly romantic comedy at the end of the day. And I think it’s about time we had our share of mindless romantic comedies.

(Kate Winslet, are you taking notes? I’ll be dealing with you next week).


The Sunday Smooch July 22, 2007

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Special Harry Potter Tribute Edition!

First up: Lesbo Vampire Smooching — Catharine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon in The Hunger


Shockingly enough, I have not seen this movie all the way through. I didn’t even get to the kissing! I rented it ages ago, during a college summer break, when I was still closeted to my family, so watching it involved alot of strategic planning and surreptitious viewing–we only have one TV in our house–so I’d watch a bit and switch it over to a sitcom whenever someone walked in. So, for various reasons, I never got to finish it. I will have to rectify that immediately.

And, because there is an appalling lack of crunchy dykes in the Potterverse, we’ll do Tara and Willow once more, with feeling:


This episode always turns me into a puddle of mush.

Okay, that’s all for now, I gotta get back to the book, shit is seriously going down in Diagon Alley…!


The Sunday Smooch July 15, 2007

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Okay, so everybody “knows” now. (did I mention that my mother has 10 siblings? And that I have 38 cousins, all of whom I know relatively well?) It’s been a long weekend.

I think this calls for some Willow and Tara.


It’s kind of ironic that I owe the only depiction of witchy lesbians to a Straight White Male (not even the L Word, as far as I know, has decided to incorporate some cruncy Goddess-worshippers).